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8017 landscape painting

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  Compared with other bamboo and wood flooring,bamboo fiber flooring(outdoor)has the following main properties:

  The product uses the renewable resource bamboo as raw material,instead of the traditional production mode with wood as raw material.The utilization rate of this production method is more than 90%,which is more than twice that of the traditional production method.In this way,the production can be sustainable and the environment can be effectively protected.

  Two,the product density up to 1200kg/m3,is more than 1.6 times of the ordinary bamboo floor,high hardness,high strength,high impact toughness.Therefore,it has the characteristics of high density,high strength,impact resistance,wear resistance and so on.

  Three,the product has the advantages of water absorption resistance,no deformation,according to the determination of the expansion rate of 24 hours water absorption thickness is only 0.4%,which is far better than the European standard≤2.0%.

  IV.The release of free formaldehyde of the product is below 0.4mg/L,which has reached the European and American green standards.It is a green environmental protection product worthy of its name.

  The product can be used for indoor ground paving installation in home and public places,but also for outdoor pavement on walking trails,parks and other outdoor ground paving,the use of this product is cost-effective,the company has a professional design and construction team.

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