The enterprise culture

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★ The enterprise culture

Enterprise vision: strive to be the leader in the bamboo products industry.
Business purpose: reform and innovation chart development, honest and realistic seek to grow.
Enterprise spirit: hard work, high efficiency, seek common ground, set aside differences, multi - win.
Management essential rules: institutionalization, standardization, target.
People-oriented view: the enterprise is based on employees, and employees are based on consumers.
Values: life is written by action, value is reflected by performance.
Motivation concept: let the outstanding performance of fame and wealth, let the imposter difficult to self-respect.
Principles of employment: appointing people on their merits, able to move up and down.
Cultivating people view: cultivating talents is to improve oneself.
Quality view: quality is the life of an enterprise.
Group tenet: honest management, quality first, with the best products to contribute to mankind.
Quality target: product production qualified rate 99%, product delivery qualified rate 100%, customer satisfaction rate 99%.
Quality policy: life is written by action, value is reflected by performance.

★ The spirit of enterprise

The spirit of industry serving the country

The spirit of quality service.

The spirit of aboveboard

The spirit of sincerity and sureness

The spirit of courtesy

The spirit of unremitting struggle

Follow the spirit of innovation

The spirit of mutual gratitude

★ Employee specification

Love the motherland love enterprise love labor
Dedicated service leaders abide by the law.
Maintain order, stability, unity, honesty and trustworthiness
Abide by their duties and do justice and carry forward righteousness
Quality first improve efficiency strict procedures
Pay attention to safety, study first and discard bad habits
Civilization, politeness and hygiene encourage each other
Take the initiative to develop modest and prudent common progress
Remember: Your words and actions shape the image of your company. Your attitude at work affects the company.
Love your job and work hard
Employees love the enterprise, love the position, know the basic situation of the company, master the labor skills required by the position, obey the work arrangement, complete the task excellently, not late for no reason, leave early, miners.
Observe the law and discipline well
Abide by the national laws and decrees, comply with the company rules and regulations, always everywhere safeguard the interests of the company. In business activities, adhere to the principles, do not engage in illegal operation, do not engage in power for personal gain and other damage to the company's reputation.
Good solidarity, fraternity and cooperation
Colleagues respect each other, care and help each other, the division of labor in the work is not separated, take the initiative to cooperate, do not quarrel, do not shirk, do not undercut. In foreign relations, neither humble nor pushy, graceful, sincere to others, make friends.
Good manners and good image
Employees pay attention to etiquette and etiquette, pay attention to civilization, standard service, dress according to regulations, pay attention to personal image, five bad habits.
Respect the old and care for the young
To encourage employees to respect the elderly, fulfill their duty of supporting the elderly, properly handle family, marriage and love issues, maintain family harmony, and remove worries.

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