Zhang Yu in the west of Beijing

Zhang Yu,Xicheng,Beijing:Most of the bamboo products in my family have been used Zhenyu.Last month,my son and daughter-in-law used the latest one for the floor decoration of their wedding house.The price is not high compared with the market,but the quality is really good,and the process is detailed.It looks elegant and bright in the bedroom.Another is mainly environmentally friendly,perfect for newlyweds.

Jiangxi Ganzhou Kanger Industrial Co., Ltd. Purchasing Department Ms. Huang

Ms.Huang,Purchasing Department of Jiangxi Ganzhou Kanger Industrial Co.,Ltd.:We are strict with our customers.Our company is one of the largest bamboo flooring manufacturers in Ganzhou,Jiangxi and even the whole country,and we also have our own brand.As for the production technology including product quality,we have always been very optimistic about Zhenyu Group,which is also an old customer of our long-term cooperation.They are among the first batch of well-known and old enterprises in Jiangxi and the key customers of our cooperation.Of course,we will maintain a good cooperative relationship and continue to cooperate for a long time.

Mr. Li from Hangzhou Xiaoshan

Hangzhou xiaoshan li:for the purchase of bamboo floor,we also have some well-known brands in Zhejiang,including some small manufacturers also have.I also used our local enterprises a few years ago,in recent years,I switched to Jiangxi enterprises.Jiangxi brand choice is more,manufacturers are more.The same high cost performance is jiangxi nanfeng zhen yu industrial group co.,LTD.This factory.I once traveled through Nanfeng County in Fuzhou,Jiangxi Province.The tangerine there is very famous ha,I heard that in the industrial park there is a very famous manufacturer of bamboo mat.I paid a visit to their factory,and found that their products were very systematic and complete in the whole process of material selection,quality,process and so on,and their employees worked in an orderly manner.Then went to see their finished product area,feel up the material feel is very good.As a result,I have been choosing their mattresses and other small items.Always think that the management of so perfect a factory,the product is not bad,the fact has proved that is true,if a friend asked this part of the words I will recommend.It's worth it!

Jiangxi Gao 'an Kangli Bamboo Products Co., Ltd. Mr. Hu

Jiangxi Gao'an Kangli Bamboo Products Co.,Ltd.Mr.Hu:has cooperated with Zhenyu Group for many years.They are well-known and old enterprises in Jiangxi,and their products are very popular in our industry.Mainly in the quality control of the product to do a good job,this is why I have been many years of trust and cooperation.Of course,we will choose to continue to cooperate for common development.

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