Anji Port bamboo products container inland shipping customs clearance direct transport to Europe and America

Bamboo braids for sushi rolls, bamboo baskets for tempura... It is with such small things that Zhejiang Fenghui Bamboo and Wood Products Co., Ltd. has made a big business, occupying about 70% of the Japanese market. Now, with the advantage of Huzhou Anji "Haihe combined transportation" and convenient container export, the company will focus on developing European and European markets, especially in the "One Belt And One Road" on the European merchants.

Fujian longtai bamboo industry: four years to achieve the first listed bamboo products enterprises

Fujian Longtai Bamboo Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as"Longtai Bamboo")went public in less than 4 years from its establishment in 2011 to its successful listing in the"New Third Board"in 2014,becoming the first bamboo products enterprise listed in the domestic capital market and the first enterprise listed on the New Third Board in Nanping City.This is a legend in northern Fujian,and a miracle among the peers.What on earth does the rapid development of Longtai bamboo depend on?To this,the company's general manager Lian Jianchang gave a very simple answer-talent,technology,management.

Yiyang bamboo products development how to jump out of the predicament whirlpool

In recent years,bamboo and wood products have become the impetus for the rapid development of economy in Yiyang,Hunan.How to find the right position in the new round of great adjustment of industrial structure,realize the healthy and rapid development of the industry,transform the advantages into benefits,and further play the leading role of export is an urgent problem to be solved.In recent years,how is the development status of bamboo and wood products in Yiyang City?What are the problems?How can industry development get out of predicament?

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